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Problems That Demand Women Social Impact Consulting In Fort Lauderdale

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Women Social Impact Consulting In Fort Lauderdale | Total Mental Wellness

Women in our society are still facing gender biases. In this patriarchy society, women struggle a lot to make themselves established. Regardless of their capacities, education or experience, the patriarchal nature of this society promotes the perception that women are less competent and less qualified than men. And these social impacts are highly responsible for why women suffer from mental disorders these days. At La Noce Psychiatry, you will get counseling sessions regarding societal problems numerous women encounter in their daily lives. Let’s have a look at a few problems that demand women social impact consulting in Fort Lauderdale.

Societal Issues That Affect Women’s Lives

Here is a list of societal issues that women face in their day-to-day lives and need proper consultation to get rid of:

Abuse and Violence

  • Human trafficking

  • Rape culture

  • Sexual assault

  • Sexual degradation/abuse

  • Requiring being continuously aware of the surroundings

Stereotypes of considered women characteristics as recognized by society

  • Being told bossy

  • Requiring being kind and nice always

  • Being called feminist and hostile for standing up for themselves

  • Not being perceived as financially independent

  • Criticized for everything


  • Lack of respect

  • People ignoring their opinions

Wage gap

  • The unequal wage for the same job


  • While applying for a job, having their CVs being passed over due to having unusual names.


  • Questioned even if they are highly qualified

  • Offered promotions and been refused if found pregnant

  • Not being taken seriously in this male-ruled society

  • Facing job loss

  • Not getting respect as business professionals


  • Being taken their occupation casually and making them a stay-at-home mom

  • Criticized for being career-mind and for working outside the home

  • Not being appreciated for the utmost dedication as mothers

Body shaming

  • Judgment of appearance

  • Very much stress on looks

  • People stare and objectify

  • Criticized for being overweight

Reproductive health

  • Sex problems


  • Career vs. Kids

  • Lack of role models

  • Dishonoring women’s health

Although women are one of the main breadwinners for many households, society is not prioritizing them. The wage gap is making it more difficult for men and women to work together even if they want to. Reproductive rights have been under merciless attack even though we know that access to secure abortion services is important for the health and careers of millions of women.

Concluding Text

These basic socio-economic issues are a massive burden on women which is why they go through different types of mental disorders. They experience anxiety, depression, mood disorders, etc. which impact their general wellbeing as well. And these mental issues demand a proper psychotherapy and women social impact consulting in Fort Lauderdale. La Noce Psychiatry is a recognized clinic to provide specialized consultation for women who are impacted by societal issues. To increase the entire level of wellness or get a life coaching, social rhythm therapy, psychotherapy, or wellness assessment according to your need, contact the clinic right away.

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