About me

I like working with patients that are looking to increase their overall level of wellness and would like coaching on lifestyle modifications, those looking for more than just a pill to help them get better.


I enjoy working with clients that have a variety of mental health and psychiatric issues ranging from depression and anxiety to mood disorders and substance abuse. I want the patient to be a part of the care team.

I specialize in a "whole person approach", which not only involves a psychiatric evaluation but also includes a wellness evaluation.


There are ways to augment treatment with appropriate diets, exercise, therapy and self care that I like to include in addition to medication management. This may include laboratory testing and vitamin supplementation as well. 


If you'd like to find

... someone that will work with you to find a medicinal, spiritual, and dynamic approach to your care, I am a fresh young, open-minded psychiatrist that is willing to take your input into account for your care plan. I am well versed in the latest treatments for mental health conditions, including some non-traditional treatments.


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Audrey La Noce D.O.

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