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LGBTQ Community Health Services

LGBTQ Mental Health Issues

Certain Mental health issues are 2-3 times more prevalent among LGBTQ individuals, including depression, anxiety, and suicide. Research shows that a compassionate and dynamic approach is needed to decrease the severity of these issues. Despite the fact that LGBTQ individuals are at a higher risk for developing mental health issues than heterosexual people, they often have limited access to good, non-discriminatory healthcare services.

Data from a nationally representative CAP survey conducted in 2017 shows that this discrimination still exists. 8% of LGBQ respondents and 29% of transgender respondents said that a doctor or other health care provider refused to see them because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation. 9% of LGBQ respondents and 21% of transgender respondents said that a doctor or other health care provider used harsh or abusive language when treating them. The survey data also suggested that this discrimination prevents a large number of LGBTQ individuals from seeking treatment.​

At La Noce Psychiatry, I offer LGBTQ community health services for my patients. Not only am I proficient at dealing with LGBTQ issues, I care about the community’s needs and work to help fill the gap in the lack of healthcare available to the community. LGBTQ people are welcome to visit my office for any of their mental health issues. I believe in a holistic approach to health care which stands apart from the traditional route of just prescribing pills. I work with my patients in a collaborative way to create the best-suited treatment for them.

If you'd like to find

... someone that will work with you to find a medicinal, spiritual, and dynamic approach to your care, I am a fresh young, open-minded psychiatrist that is willing to take your input into account for your care plan. I am well versed in the latest treatments for mental health conditions, including some non-traditional treatments.


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