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Occupational therapist for mental illness in Fort Lauderdale

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Occupational therapist for mental illness in Fort Lauderdale | Total Mental Wellness
Occupational therapist for mental illness in Fort Lauderdale | Total Mental Wellness

America is having a mental health crisis right now. The number of people with mental illnesses is staggering. Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. (46.6 million) experience mental illness in a given year, according to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Only 41% of adults in the U.S. with a mental health condition received mental health services in the past year. It is worrying that such a large number of people with mental illness don’t receive mental healthcare. This also causes a large number of suicide cases across the country.

These figures stand reflective of the situation in Fort Lauderdale too. In a scenario like this, it is undoubtedly necessary that the affected people get help. Thus, the need for occupational therapists for mental illness in Fort Lauderdale arises. There are many mental healthcare providers offering treatment in the form of medication and therapy in the city. But the need of the hour is a radical treatment method, which takes a departure from only conventional treatment methods and gives you something more.

At La Noce Psychiatry, you get a lot more than just pills and therapy. We offer an assortment of healthcare services like:

Whole Person Psychiatric Care: The whole person approach views a person as whole and not just specific parts of their health. This not only focuses on mental health, but it entails all aspects of a person’s wellbeing including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This approach is beneficial as it gives you comprehensive analysis of your health. The treatment is prescribed keeping in mind other ailments/conditions you might have.

Comprehensive Therapy Services: We employ Supportive Therapy, Social Rhythm Therapy, Life Style Modification, and Behavioral Activation approach depending on the needs and traits of the patient. These are different types of therapies aimed at different outcomes.

Medication Management: Medication management is a service that helps people to better understand their health conditions and the combinations of medications used to manage them. This includes educating the patient on the disease and medications used to treat the disease state, ensuring that medicines are taken in correct doses, and reducing waste due to unused medicines, looking for any side effects, and providing education on how to manage any side effects.

Life Wellness Coaching: A wellness coach is a professional who helps people assess their current physical and emotional state, and helps them set goals for what they want to achieve in their overall wellness and health by working with them on plans of action to reach these goals. They help their clients find the motivation and tools to get to their physical and emotional health goals.

Not just this, we also specialize in consultation of women’s issues and LGBTQ community health services. As a physician with a background and training in LGBTQ community services, you can feel comfortable coming into a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

For any help regarding mental health, feel free to seek guidance from our occupational therapist for mental illness in Fort Lauderdale.

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