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Why Doctors Recommend Botox to Treat Depression

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Botox to Treat Depression | Total Mental Wellness

Botox is an element obtained from Botulinum Toxin that numbs muscles temporarily. You may already know its cosmetic usage for lessening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Nevertheless, it has also been discovered for helping with muscle spasms, migraines, and excessive sweating. A new study proves the efficacy of Botox to treat depression. Depression is a common psychological state that showcases feelings of sadness and hopelessness.

Several people utilize some antidepressant drugs and treatments for dealing with their symptoms. Well, some individuals can encounter unfavorable impacts of antidepressants. Sometimes, they need to try some antidepressants before getting the best product for them. And Botox might be a useful treatment choice for depression used along with antidepressants. Read on to know more about why doctors use Botox to treat anxiety and depression!

Benefits of Botox Treatment

Studies already have shown the effectiveness and how promising the Botox therapy is but researchers are still trying to find out precisely how Botox is useful in treating depression. First, they thought that Botox’s antidepressant impacts might be associated with an enhanced look. Getting lesser wrinkles, they considered, might boost somebody’s mood.

Nevertheless, a study discovered that the harshness of an individual’s frown lines did not affect their outcomes. For instance, individuals with fewer frown lines still proclaimed the same outcomes. This recommends that the enhanced look is not the factor.

A more potential description of the advantages of Botox treatment should do with a facial review system. Facial expressions convey some feedbacks to the brain. Sentiments like anger, sadness, or fear can yield in the muscle contraction in the forehead that leads to the glabellar frown lines.

In depressed individuals, muscles’ activity that leads to these frown lines is developed. Preventing these frown muscles with Botox injection might yield an enhanced mood.

How Is Botox Therapy Done?

A doctor can provide you Botox injections as part of an in-office, fast process. Nevertheless, you might need to look around for a specialist who provides Botox injections or ask your physician for a recommendation.

To start with Botox treatment, the doctor will clean the patient’s face using alcohol and will apply a topical paralyzing medicine. Then he will inject Botox into the muscles between eyebrows, which contract whenever you frown. The Botox injection numbs them temporarily to make it tough to frown.

Following the process, you will possibly be capable of returning to your basic activities that similar day. Botox’s cosmetic impacts last for about 12-16 weeks, but its mental health advantages may last longer than this.

Bottom Lines

Anxiety and depression are common mental health disorders. According to the estimation of the World Health Organization (WHO), a lot of individuals in this world have depression. While doctors are still in the former phases of deciding precisely how it performs, Botox injections to treat depression appear to be the best option with comparatively few side effects. Nonetheless, some more long-term researches are required. Consult your doctor regarding if or not it might be best trying Botox to treat your depression symptoms.

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