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Guide to Cope with Gender-Based Harassment and Depression at Work

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Gender-based discrimination and harassment can lead a person to experience everything from self-blame, guilt, and shame to depression and anxiety. If you are experiencing the same at work, we will discuss how fighting gender-based harassment and depression can be possible. However, it may take some work.

Humans usually categorize things to make sense of the world. For example, young kids fast learn the difference between girls and boys. But we understand the values to put on distinct categories from our peers, parents, and the observations about how the world functions. Sometimes, discrimination occurs from misunderstanding and fear.

How to Deal with Gender-Based Harassment

After experiencing gender discrimination at work, moving on can appear like a difficult job. You may feel hopeless or stuck. But with professional counseling and a little work, you can make sense of your experience, cope with the situation, and move on. Here are some healthy ways to cope with gender-based harassment at work to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing:

1. Concentrate on Your Strengths

Prioritizing your beliefs, core values, and strengths can encourage people to succeed. It may even reduce the negative impacts of intolerance. Defeating hardship can make you more capable and more robust to face future difficulties.

2. Look for Support Systems

One issue with discrimination is that people start to include others’ negative thoughts, even fake ones. You may begin to accept you are suitable for nothing. But friends and family are your support systems, and they can always remind you of your value and help you get rid of such false beliefs.

Your support systems can also help negate the toll that gender-based harassment can take. They can reassure you that nothing happened to you. Still, it is often painful to discuss these issues. Hence, you may get help by asking your friends and family to manage such situations.

Sometimes, people do not report bad experiences to companies or supervisors. One reason is that they lack self-esteem and start to doubt themselves for what happened to them. In such cases, your support systems can encourage you by ensuring that your claims are worth pursuing and valid.

3. Help Your Mind Think Clearly

Being a victim of gender-based harassment can evoke many emotions, including embarrassment, sadness, and anger. These experiences may trigger a physiological response also. They can increase your body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Think twice before reacting. Use some relaxation exercises, or you can slow your breathing to calm your body’s stress reactions. Then you can think more appropriately about how to respond.

4. Look for Professional Help

Harassment at work is tough to handle. It is often related to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Psychologists can help people cope with symptoms of depression and stress and can help you find healthy ways to deal.

Are You Looking for a Mental Health Expert in Fort Lauderdale?

Now that you know how fighting gender-based harassment and depression is possible, find a mental health professional in Fort Lauderdale by contacting La Noce Psychiatry.

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