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Medication Management

Medication management mental health

Proper Medication Management optimizes safe, effective, and streamlined drug therapy.


This is accomplished by working with patients and their healthcare team; including their primary care provider, and pharmacists, to create an overall picture of the patient’s condition, the medications they take, and the potential side effects and interactions of these drugs. Patients are educated about their medical and psychiatric conditions and the medications used to treat them. This ensures that medications are taken correctly and informs patients on how to manage any potential side effects.

Medication management therapy helps prevent behaviors that may be putting patients at risk for adverse drug usage, such as overdosing, underdosing, or missing medications. Polypharmacy is the use of multiple medications for different conditions. It has a number of potential health hazards, including dangerous drug interactions and over-medication, especially for seniors. Medication management becomes highly important in this case.

Psychotherapy for mental illnesses

Not everyone seeking psychiatric help will need medication; therefore, an initial assessment is conducted to determine whether medication is a good option for patients to treat their psychiatric condition. At La Noce Psychiatry, I work with my patients to create the right, individually-tailored treatment plan.

If you'd like to find

... someone that will work with you to find a medicinal, spiritual, and dynamic approach to your care, I am a fresh young, open-minded psychiatrist that is willing to take your input into account for your care plan. I am well versed in the latest treatments for mental health conditions, including some non-traditional treatments.


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